Overwhelmed With Gratitude

Community. It is more than just a place. Community is about relationships. It is where we live, love, laugh and cry…together. Community is essential to the well-being of its inhabitants. My immediate community is Vintage Hill (assisted living home for the elderly), which happens to be nestled in the larger community of Pittsfield NH.

As we successfully come through the other side of our very first Autumn Craft Fair, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.  First and foremost, we praise the Lord for His blessings. Next, our residents and staff are worthy of recognition as they worked tirelessly to open our home to the “community” for this event. Vintage Hill net $150 on items handcrafted by the residents, proceeds to benefit the Pittsfield Secret Santa Program. Then there are the numerous vendors (of which, without them there would have been no craft fair) and the amazing talents, gifts, and services they exhibited. Finally, we marvel at the community support, spirit and fellowship enjoyed throughout the day. Thank you to all of you who made this event the success that it was!





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