Life on the Hill


Welcome to Vintage Hill!

It’s been almost twenty years since our life began here on the hill. That’s when my best friend and I set out on our joint venture to care for the elderly. What started out as a vision and a prayer, the Lord made a reality in June of 2005.

Vintage Hill, LLC is a small state licensed residential care home located in Pittsfield NH. Our mission is to “maintain a family environment while providing a quality service of assistance in activities of daily living to the elder population. It is our goal to encourage independence, promote physical and mental health, and enhance the quality of life for our residents. In keeping with the Lord’s word, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding” (Job 12:12). It is our philosophy to support elders in preserving their dignity.”

This is our life on the hill. Our compassionate, dedicated team works selflessly to maintain the independence of our residents. We provide them a safe, homey environment to live while giving them purpose. As we share glimpses of our life with you, we trust you’ll agree it is love that sets us apart from traditional senior living. Enjoy our delicious home cooked meals, creative and purposeful activities and exciting field trips!

Until the next time…