Overwhelmed With Gratitude

Community. It is more than just a place. Community is about relationships. It is where we live, love, laugh and cry…together. Community is essential to the well-being of its inhabitants. My immediate community is Vintage Hill (assisted living home for the elderly), which happens to be nestled in the larger community of Pittsfield NH.

As we successfully come through the other side of our very first Autumn Craft Fair, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.  First and foremost, we praise the Lord for His blessings. Next, our residents and staff are worthy of recognition as they worked tirelessly to open our home to the “community” for this event. Vintage Hill net $150 on items handcrafted by the residents, proceeds to benefit the Pittsfield Secret Santa Program. Then there are the numerous vendors (of which, without them there would have been no craft fair) and the amazing talents, gifts, and services they exhibited. Finally, we marvel at the community support, spirit and fellowship enjoyed throughout the day. Thank you to all of you who made this event the success that it was!





“See You at the Fay-yah” by Marilyn Roberts

In the past few days, we have seen a flurry of activity taking place at Vintage Hill, LLC as all involved parties work on the Autumn Craft Fair 2022 “punch list.” Finishing touches on the residents’ sale craft items are almost complete. Homemade herbs, rubs and garden goodies are being processed and packaged to be made available for sale. Freshening up painted trim on the inside and outside of the house is evidenced by brushes, paint cans and step ladders. Wonderful aromas waft from the kitchen as treats and snacks are prepared special for the event.

When driving around Pittsfield and surrounding communities, you will be seeing our announcement flyers and signs going up. I hope they don’t interfere with the political signs, and vice versa.

Using the words from that well-known voice in Deerfield – See you at the Fay-yah! September 17th, 10am – 3pm, 10 Berry Avenue, Pittsfield NH.


Creative Expression Through Crafting, by Janice Roberts

As somnolent summer days give way to crisp autumn air, consider joining the fun at our Autumn Country Craft Fair, September 17, 2022, 10-3! In case you aren’t aware of who we are, Vintage Hill, LLC is an assisted living home for the elderly located in Pittsfield New Hampshire. We are excited to be hosting this greater New Hampshire community event for the very first time where residents, staff, and outside vendors will sell their handiwork at our home.

Creative expression through crafting brings joy and beauty to the lives of the artist and the beholder. For this reason, arts and crafts are an integral part of Vintage Hill’s on-going mission to promote independence for our residents. Our seasoned citizens are regularly involved in individual and group projects, whether for personal use, celebrations, or community. Through the sale of various hand-crafted items, Vintage Hill will be donating proceeds to Secret Santa. Secret Santa provides Christmas assistance for residents of Pittsfield in need. Such gifted items include toys, warm outfits and needed winter outerwear. The program is fully funded by donations from local individuals and businesses.

Please come and support our local crafters and community at 10 Berry Avenue, enjoy the concessions and live music, take a chance at a door prize, and visit with friends, new and old! 298442417_5228789070545823_2869354979412207084_n

You Are What You Eat

We’re all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat,” a phrase coined by the American Nutritionist, Victor Lindlahr, in 1942. Simple translation…a healthy diet promotes a healthy lifestyle. My recollection of dining growing up was nothing like modern day. We sat down together as a family and ate home cooked meals. I’m fairly certain I didn’t appreciate it at the time. However, as an adult I’m thankful for the good eating habits my parents instilled in me as a child.

Here at Vintage Hill, we put into practice those traditional customs I kicked against in my younger years. We serve family style meals at our Walton’s table, well balanced and nutritionally sound. It’s one of the ways we can support our residents in remaining fitly independent, because we wholeheartedly believe we “are what we eat.” We also appreciate the value of a good meal. Oftentimes my business partner and I will contemplate going out for dinner. Then we are reminded that Vintage Hill is the best restaurant in town. Why go elsewhere?


Fostering Personal Enrichment

Vintage Hill, LLC (10 Berry Avenue, Pittsfield NH) is excited to be hosting our very own Autumn Craft Fair 2022 (September 17, 10am-3pm). We will offer live music, refreshments, raffles, games and much more. Locals will show off and make available their craft wares, amongst other things. Admission is free. Our residents will be selling greeting cards, ornaments and light plate covers, made by their very own hands! Proceeds will be donated to the Pittsfield Secret Santa Fund.

It is our goal to encourage independence, promote physical and mental health, and enhance the quality of life for our residents. Community involvement is imperative to this objective. What better way to foster personal enrichment for our residents than to host an arts and crafts event? It is our hope the community will share in our enthusiasm. Be sure to mark your calendar!


Life on the Hill


Welcome to Vintage Hill!

It’s been almost twenty years since our life began here on the hill. That’s when my best friend and I set out on our joint venture to care for the elderly. What started out as a vision and a prayer, the Lord made a reality in June of 2005.

Vintage Hill, LLC is a small state licensed residential care home located in Pittsfield NH. Our mission is to “maintain a family environment while providing a quality service of assistance in activities of daily living to the elder population. It is our goal to encourage independence, promote physical and mental health, and enhance the quality of life for our residents. In keeping with the Lord’s word, “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding” (Job 12:12). It is our philosophy to support elders in preserving their dignity.”

This is our life on the hill. Our compassionate, dedicated team works selflessly to maintain the independence of our residents. We provide them a safe, homey environment to live while giving them purpose. As we share glimpses of our life with you, we trust you’ll agree it is love that sets us apart from traditional senior living. Enjoy our delicious home cooked meals, creative and purposeful activities and exciting field trips!

Until the next time…