You Are What You Eat

We’re all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat,” a phrase coined by the American Nutritionist, Victor Lindlahr, in 1942. Simple translation…a healthy diet promotes a healthy lifestyle. My recollection of dining growing up was nothing like modern day. We sat down together as a family and ate home cooked meals. I’m fairly certain I didn’t appreciate it at the time. However, as an adult I’m thankful for the good eating habits my parents instilled in me as a child.

Here at Vintage Hill, we put into practice those traditional customs I kicked against in my younger years. We serve family style meals at our Walton’s table, well balanced and nutritionally sound. It’s one of the ways we can support our residents in remaining fitly independent, because we wholeheartedly believe we “are what we eat.” We also appreciate the value of a good meal. Oftentimes my business partner and I will contemplate going out for dinner. Then we are reminded that Vintage Hill is the best restaurant in town. Why go elsewhere?


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