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Respite for the Caregiver

“Honor your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12) is a lifelong standard set by the Lord. This command requires great discipline. From early childhood we learn that there are consequences when we don’t listen to dad and mom, and so we submit to their authority. As we mature into grown-ups, honor takes on a new […]

A Call to Farm

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (I Corinthians 10:31). Almost twenty years ago the Lord called my business partner and I to full time care for the elderly. He has proven His faithfulness in that, what He calls us to, He will see us […]

Season of Eternal Life

“The harvest, which is our life as we now live it, is the result of seeds planted at an earlier time” ― Jim Rohn In all the beauty of God’s Creation, New England is by far the most wonderful place to lay down roots. Every season yields its own splendor, beckoning its inhabitants to drink it […]

Overwhelmed With Gratitude

Community. It is more than just a place. Community is about relationships. It is where we live, love, laugh and cry…together. Community is essential to the well-being of its inhabitants. My immediate community is Vintage Hill (assisted living home for the elderly), which happens to be nestled in the larger community of Pittsfield NH. As […]

You Are What You Eat

We’re all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat,” a phrase coined by the American Nutritionist, Victor Lindlahr, in 1942. Simple translation…a healthy diet promotes a healthy lifestyle. My recollection of dining growing up was nothing like modern day. We sat down together as a family and ate home cooked meals. I’m fairly […]

Fostering Personal Enrichment

Vintage Hill, LLC (10 Berry Avenue, Pittsfield NH) is excited to be hosting our very own Autumn Craft Fair 2022 (September 17, 10am-3pm). We will offer live music, refreshments, raffles, games and much more. Locals will show off and make available their craft wares, amongst other things. Admission is free. Our residents will be selling […]

Life on the Hill

Welcome to Vintage Hill! It’s been almost twenty years since our life began here on the hill. That’s when my best friend and I set out on our joint venture to care for the elderly. What started out as a vision and a prayer, the Lord made a reality in June of 2005. Vintage Hill, […]